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(as told by Francine, Ralf's wife ... I was there!)

Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery had its humble beginnings in 2000 in the dining room of the family home in The Basin, Melbourne. The furniture was removed, carpet ripped up, a make shift curtain hung, jewellery making equipment installed and shazam ... Ralf had a jewellery manufacturing workshop, and the family was without a dining room! 


After a few years of working from home, the need came to relocate. Ralf's reputation as an artistic, creative and reliable jeweller was spreading fast and his clientele was rapidly growing. With a beautiful and supportive wife, Francine (that's me) and his young family of four fabulous children, Ralf didn't want to waste precious time travelling to and from work and the decision to stay in the area was made. The Basin had a quaint strip of shops that ticked all of the boxes for Ralf and Francine, and in early 2003, 1315 Mountain Hwy The Basin became the new home of

Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery. 

With Ralf designing and making beautiful jewellery, and Francine taking on role of administrator (and cleaner), Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery continued to flourish. The aim of spending time with his family whilst being able to continue his dream of making fine jewellery came true for Ralf. The kids would come to the shop after school, eat sausage rolls and drink Milo at the office desk. And if not dashing off to ballet, tennis, music or basketball, they tackled their homework and even did their piano practice on an old upright piano (that is sadly no longer in the shop, although still in the family). 


As the kids continued to grow, so did Ralf Fisch Fine Jewellery. Fast track to 2021, and with a clientele base of over 7000, we now have a team of three manufacturing jewellers, three jewellery designers, two gemologists, one valuer, one book keeper and a cleaner (phew) ... but aside from all being highly valued staff members and colleagues ...

they are also, our friends.   


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